The Plexina platform effectively manages clinical decision support implementation and maintenance.

Our software tools are proven to reduce order set and clinical content build and maintenance delivery times by 50-70%, and increase productivity 5-20 times your previous output.

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New webinar: Clinical Knowledge Management with Plexina; Wake Up From the Maintenance Nightmare – Thursday February 25, 2016 2pm EDT

Plexina Platform

Full governance of clinical content

Supports the development, deployment and management of clinical decision support (CDS) for EHRs. Plexina Platform is a combination of software tools, a best practice methodology for CDS management, and consulting services for optimizing your CDS management operation.


Streamlines content creation

Plexina design tools simplify the process of creating high quality CDS that is optimal for your environment workflow and system, enabling an Agile process with managed design standards, templates, transparent version and change control, and web-based collaborative review with realistic previews


Content at the point of care

Plexina deployment tools simplify the process of deploying high quality CDS with release management, automated generation of CDS configurations, automated tools to assure quality across environments, and creation of backup references when electronic systems and networks are unavailable.


Analyze content effectiveness

Plexina review and assessment tools enable review of CDS in a web based review tool. The patent pending Plexina Realtime Applied Clinical Effectiveness framework allows for rapid collection and correlation of deployment and utilization data to produce virtually limitless clinical effectiveness intelligence reports.