About Plexina

Plexina Inc. is an innovative solutions provider and creator of the Plexina Platform for Enterprise Clinical Knowledge and CDS Management. Founded in 2005, Plexina has grown its operation across Canada and the US, partnering with global evidence-based content providers, systems integrators, Electronic Health Record (EHR) vendors, and health systems to accelerate the development and deployment of the highest quality standardized, guiding, electronically actionable Clinical Decision Support (CDS) tools.

CDS tools such as order sets, clinical documentation, and care pathways help clinicians make better care decisions which ultimately improve patient outcomes and reduce costs. Plexina streamlines CDS management in hospitals and ambulatory care settings, from insight to development, peer review, deployment, and effectiveness assessment to enable a comprehensive, efficient, agile clinical EHR program.

Plexina enables the deployment of robust libraries of high quality CDS for all areas of care, resulting in:

  • Increased adoption of the EHR by clinicians within the health system
  • Improved standardization/reduction of variance in care
  • Increased use of evidence-based medicine
  • Reduction in EHR activation and on-going maintenance costs
  • Improved quality of patient care

Plexina, with its patented Plexina Platform and the Plexina Community Content Exchange program, delivers access to current and continually improving, best quality CDS to all health systems, whether large integrated delivery networks with an academic affiliation, specialty care centers, or small community health systems.