The most advanced way to bring structure to your clinical decision support workflow.

With Plexina you'll be able to automate as many tasks as possible in the order set management process from data intake to deployment.

Plexina can design realistic order sets for your EHR

Plexina Studio is a rapid design tool that automates as many tasks as possible in the clinical decision support workflow. Clinicians can design order sets and preview what they will look like in their target EHR while every change is tracked and version managed.

"Medical knowledge changes so fast and it must be shared among team members. The best way to update and share information is with tools like Plexina that give us an explicit map of knowledge and support efficient order set development and maintenance."
- Tom Rosenal, Founding Medical Director, Calgary Health Region

Engage your clinicians in effective review of best practices

Plexina Central shows your expert clinicians exactly how an order set will look in your target EHR. Comment and discuss any item within the order set to gain quick consensus. Plexina automatically summarize the change requests and sends them back to the build team.

"Baylor clinicians are presented with order sets during development that look and feel like they appear in a production environment, providing an efficient review and approval process for acquiring consensus on clinical content."
- Dr. Joseph Schneider, Former VP & CMIO, Baylor Scott & White

Eliminate the need for unreliable manual testing

Quality assurance tools automatically unit test and alert a clinical analyst in real time when data approved by the review committee doesn’t match what is deployed. A generated report shows exactly what changes need to be made to synchronize the content.

"Favorite is Wairever. They offer Plexina, which is a content management tool that we use for developing and managing order sets. The tools they provide are fantastic and their responsiveness has been great."
- HIStalk Advisory Panel: Favorite Vendor, HIStalk 2014