Press Release: Allscripts App of the Month for August is Plexina

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New York, NY – August 20, 2015 – Plexina has been named the Allscripts Developer Program (ADP) App of the Month for August 2015.

The designation reflects the realized benefits of the Plexina – Allscripts partnership, and the companies’ joint commitment to providing customers with a unique solution that accelerates clinical content development and maintenance cycles, and improves quality of clinical content for Allscripts acute care EHR. With the Plexina-Allscripts integration, organizations have reduced delivery schedules by 50-70% and is able to manage 5-20 times more clinical content with the same resource.

“Allscripts is a perfect partner for us because of their commitment to ‘openness’ and the success that Allscripts has on the global stage. Allscripts has a powerful platform with tremendous configurability and provides a perfect opportunity to showcase the benefits of Plexina’s advanced clinical content management platform. Customers can now rapidly transform, design and deploy order sets and clinical documentation to maximize the benefits of Allscripts with a dramatic reduction in effort, better alignment with the organization, and improvement in quality,” said Basil Baluta, Plexina CEO. “With a strong foundation of evidence-based and best-practice guidance in Allscripts, optimized for the customer’s hospital environment, Plexina enables rapid implementation of clinical improvement strategies, stewardship programs, and emergency changes to be deployed enterprise-wide, safely, with the appropriate levels of quality control and governance.”

Plexina’s innovative, “next-generation” platform for Clinical Decision Support (CDS) implementation and maintenance includes a robust automation-rich feature set for knowledge import, design, review, deployment, quality control, and effectiveness assessment. Plexina customers manage hundreds to thousands of order sets efficiently, enabling comparative effectiveness research between evidence and practice, and the sharing of actionable knowledge between customers

“We have found developing order sets to be like a manufacturing process.  With Plexina, we dramatically reduced our turnaround times, improved our control over the process, and reduced the number of order sets we maintain by close to 50%.”

— Dr. Joseph Schneider, M.D., M.B.A., F.A.A.P

Vice President, Chief Medical Information Officer and Medical Director, 
Clinical Informatics – North Texas

Allscripts users can see Plexina in action by registering for the App of the Month webinar on August 25, 2015 at 1pm ET.

More about Plexina and Plexina’s ADP certified solutions can be found on the Allscripts Application Store.