Plexina is an Allscripts Certified App

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It’s not very often that we at Plexina take the time to write about ourselves. Our usual modus operandi is to write in a ‘you’-centric world rather than ‘we’. However, today is unique in that we have an announcement to make – we’ve been certified as an Allscripts Certified Application. This means that not only have we proven the benefit of our tool to our clients but that Allscripts has validated these benefits as well.

If you’ve read about our company or spoken to any of our team members you’ll know that we often stress the importance of collaboration. If we are to make a positive impact on the world of healthcare through technology, it is necessary that we work directly with the electronic health record.

Unfortunately, the world of healthcare is mired with closed systems that bar developers from working within their environments. It’s a challenge for us and for every other 3rd party technology company that wants to build tools for healthcare. This closed attitude towards community driven development is harmful to the entire healthcare industry and potentially stifles innovations that could improve lives.

Fortunately, we are not the only ones in healthcare technology who value open systems over closed environments. Over a year ago we started working with clients to develop a tool that could rapidly design order sets, promote collaborative knowledge, automate unit testing, and manage clinical content. Joining Allscripts developer program was crucial to aspects of our tools success.

The advantage to working with Allscripts is that they have excellent client support and take an active role in assisting with clinical governance. Building a rapid design tool like ours requires a procedural way of doing things – Allscripts willingness to collaborate has allowed us to analyze these patterns and automate aspects of their clients’ workflows.

Being certified by our peers at Allscripts is an affirmation that what we’re working on is valuable to the healthcare community. And it’ll be open systems like Allscripts Developer Program that will continue to foster future advancements in health IT.

In addition to being an Allscripts certified app we have also been recognized as the Allscripts app of the month for August 2015. We’ll be presenting a webinar demonstration of how our tools assist in managing clinical content on August 25, 2015 starting at 1:00pm EST. Register for the webinar here!