Our Mission in Evidence Based and Best Practices Medicine

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I was recently asked about why we do what we do. There are so many research studies and changes to “best practice” that it is impossible for clinicians to keep up. Worse, the people in healthcare who are responsible for maintaining these complex order sets are constantly struggling to keep up with the updating and managing of this part of the EHR. After some thought, Plexina’s mission is really not to build 60,000 best-practices. Rather, each health systems’ clinical analysts, clinicians, and researchers will determine how many best-practices should get deployed in their environment.

Our mission is to simplify, accelerate, improve the quality control, and reduce the cost of the process of converting evidence and observations into best-practices deployed in the EHR as clinical decision support at point of care. This will enable clinicians to have a broad, current, and accurate library of electronically actionable guiding clinical information at their fingertips at point of care, thereby helping improve patient outcomes and quality of care. It’s all about evidence based medicine and putting it in practice to enhance patient safety and care.

Simplify Management – Plexina’s patented process allows healthcare organizations to simplify the process of deploying best practices. To date, Wairever’s Plexina has proven nearly 2000-3000% productivity gain in the development, deployment, and maintenance of best-practices. That’s 20-30 times more output from the same team already allocated to deploy say 200-300 best practices for your EHR.

Accelerate Development – With Plexina, your EHR activation and content maintenance projects come in much sooner, and you could create and manage many more best-practice “pieces”. These “pieces” may manifest as order sets, or structured clinical documentation, or even patient take-aways.

Quality Control – Plexina’s Review Board allows multiple clinicians to weigh in on best practice implementation while ensuring they are looking at the latest information available anywhere.

Cost Reduction – Because you can do so much more with fewer people (IT staff, clinicians, consultants, etc.), our clients easily realize a 40% or more cost savings on their projects.

In short, by executing our mission we are helping health systems change the goals for their CDS programs from worrying about efficiency of the IT resources involved in deployment and change control, to true clinical concern of worrying about how to deploy evidence based medicine, what it looks like to a clinician, how many topics to address, and when to release it. Our goal is to enable clinical content with evidence based medicine to go through a quality transformation and enterprise-wide deployment process in days instead of weeks and months.