Maintain access to the best-practice order sets in your EHR during downtimes

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Plexina Downtime Order Sets enables access to evidence-based and best-practice order sets that are embedded in your EHR when the EHR goes down due to maintenance, hardware/software failure, or malware.

Plexina reads the order sets from the EHR and publishes PDF or web forms of the order sets to a web based library to multiple redundant access points in your enterprise. Plexina Downtime can publish the EHR downtime order sets to the cloud, to your intranet web servers, and/or to downtime workstations within your departments. Workstations and mobile devices can access the order sets through enterprise networks, or if the network is down, via the cloud and cellular mobile devices. Plexina’s Downtime solutions support strategies from simple access to order sets as references, to full interactive solutions that allow clinicians to capture orders electronically as backup procedures.

Plexina Downtime Order Sets is a turnkey solution that can be installed and operational in as little as a week. Please contact our Client Solutions Team via email at or call +1-855-288-4888 x. 202 to book a consult with our downtime solutions experts.

Plexina Downtime pricing and data sheet.