Centralizing Your CDS Deployment

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Building CDS for your EHR environment is a complex problem involving many sources of information, under various states of development and/or standardization, and yet must all be co-ordinated to achieve a successful CDS deployment.

By moving to a centralized repository, it becomes easier to manage CDS activities in a systematic manner, as well as to distribute the CDS in multiple ways, and to design consistently to work with other CDS assets. These are some of the Grand Challenges in CDS [Sittig 2007] and “Identifying best practices for clinical decision support and knowledge management in the field” [Ash 2010].

Consider that many parts of CDS undergo similar activities of governance, and management through the major stages of the clinical content development lifecycle. This includes order sets, structured clinical documentation, standardized order catalogs, observation catalogs, problems lists, and so on. They all are proposed, reviewed, encoded, tested, and deployed.

With Plexina, you have one tool that supports the development regardless of the type of CDS, and regardless of where in the workflow the CDS is deployed. It is centralized so that one efficient and effective process can govern many CDS development teams and projects simultaneously. With built-in analysis tools, co-ordinating the CDS in workflow, and even linking directly is not just possible, but also easy.

Using one tool, Plexina, allows health systems to develop many CDS assets. With robust and efficient capabilities such as version control, collaboration, review, deployment, and analysis, Plexina is the best tool to manage all your CDS.